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The Problem

Many returns are made simply because of buyer's remorse.
This is a problem for many retailers because they must spend extra resources on the returned product.

Spending Extra Money

The returns cost you more money to restock, repackage, and ensure that the product is in working condition for resale.
This is a problem for many retailers because they must spend extra resources on the returned product.

The Data

With high amounts of returns affecting profitability. We will be able to give you the data on why your items are being returned.
You also will not have to incur extra costs to restock your items.

The Solution

Your inventory never comes back to your facility after the initial sale.
We purchase your returns at a percentage of the retail value allowing you to better manage inventory and not have cash tied up in un-sellable inventory.
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Web Application

With RL Liquidators as your return center you can manage all of your returns right from your desktop! Our web application can:

- Notify us of expected returns
‍-Receive notifications of returns received
-Track the progress of received returns
-Access photographs and condition reports of each item received
-Easily track and project income from returned merchandise

We Work To Protect You
You Shouldn't Have To Worry About Managing Your Returns

We work to ensure that no matter what your brand is not effected. Whether you want us to manage the returns process or you lease our software for your own internal process, we want to make sure that you will always benefit from doing business with us.

The Mobile Application

Our cloud-based application gives you the ability have all your return information at the tip of your fingers. This gives you the ability to make information based decisions regarding why customers are returning your products and how you can fix these issues.

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