Your B2C Reverse Logistics Solution

We protect your brand image and prevent competition to established sales channels in your primary markets.  Our unique selling solutions harness the power of the online marketplace while containing all sales to specific geographic locations.  Let us manager your returns! We provide excellent rates of return at any volume, allowing you to easily rid yourself of excess or unwanted inventory."

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Our Process

Step 1

Shipped To Our Facility

Your returns come directly to our facility

Step 3

Increased Profits

Reduce your return rates by acting on data we provide

Customer Requests Return

Step 2

We Process The Return

We purchase your items at a percentage of retail value.

Step 4

How RL Return Center Can Help

What sets us apart from other reverse logistics solution companies is our ability to effectively sell your inventory without competing with your brand or harming your companies image.  Our unique and powerful B2C sales channels provide high rates of return at any volume without ever competing with your primary markets by selling your inventory through popular online marketplaces.
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"We Have Cut Costs And Increased Efficiency"

Before working with RL Return Center we had returned inventory that we didn't have the time or resources to deal with. Now we can rest assured that when the package leaves our facility, it simply doesn't come back...

Utilizing Our Platform

Our platform is designed so that not only could we manage your entire return process but that you could also lease our software and utilize the platform to manage your own return process in house and have the ability to make information based decisions regarding your returns.

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